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Re: New member

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    Welcome!  Hope you enjoy the exchage of information from so many helpful
   Do you happen to know if HARRIET was ever called HATTIE for a nickname and
did she outlive ARCHIBALD?  Your profile hit several similarities with info I
have on my great grandfather's ansestors.  He was ALEXANDER SINCLAIR born
1872, with uncles who preceded him to the "new world".  I have correspondance
that talks about an aunt Hattie.  I also have pictures of unknown people from
Nova Scotia, Toronto and Minnesota, based on the photographers labels.  My
ALEXANDER came to US in 1902, settling in Western NY State.  Our Sinclair line
is from the Orkney Islands, descending from ROBERT and MARY SUTHERLAND ALLAN
SINCLAIR and prior generation JAMES and BARBARA GROAT SINCLAIR.  A newspaper
article reported that Robert had a son in Galt Ontario.  I don't believe
Archie is a brother but perhaps a cousin, as the article identified his 8
brothers by name.  Our branch of Sinclairs were seafarers and farmers,
primarily.     Hope we can find a link.  I have been unable to get anywhere
with linking up with any established lines, despite my monitoring the e-mail
for more than a year.  I wish you better luck.  Soo many pieces but still a
puzzle.                    Marilyn
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