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Re: Catherine and Hughes de Payens

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>Even William the Conqueror continued to be a vassal and his kingly
>descendants for generations had to submit to a certain amount of abuse from
>the King of France because of this long standing arrangement.

But only when acting as the Duke of Normandy. When William was acting as
King of England, he was not under control of the King of France. Later on,
King Henry II was constantly worried that the Cambro-Norman "adventurers" he
let go to Ireland would set up their own Kingdom of Ireland similar to what
William did. If this thought ever crossed their minds, they never acted on
it. Strongbow and the others continued to profess their loyalty to Henry no
matter how many times they "re-interpreted" his wishes/commands.

I think William always called himself "William, Duke of Normandy, King of

>    With Geoffrey came his son Henry Fitz-Empress, Duke of Normandy, a
>personage of prime consideration in himself.  He was less important as
>Geoffrey's son and heir then as the heir of his mother, Matilda Empress, to
>Normandy (Matilda was the daughter of Eadgyth/Edith/Maude d/o St. Margaret
>and Malcom Canmore and of Henry I of England)."

The Empress Matilda, Good Queen Maude, reintroduced Saxon blood into the
English royal line. She was involved in the civil war, the Anarchy, with her
nephew Stephen.

(from Alexander Sinkler, b. ca 1666 Scotland, to Virginia 1698)

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