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Lisa Miller

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    First of all I am hoping that you meant that Prince Henry was here
before Columbus not that he was the FIRST person coming to North America.
There were hundreds of people here before Prince Henry.  Don't forget all
the Viking types that had been coming ever since 1000 which is 400 years
before Henry.

 SECOND-It is impossible for you  to connect to the Sinclair line as you
have it listed below.  You are following the Coleman line that ends with
John Coleman b. 1761.  You have to take Ambery's wife, Dellie and follow her
to her father, Joshua, to John Sinkler to Richard Sinkler.

  THIRD, we are quite related.  Your Ambery Coleman was the cousin of my g.
grandfather Clarence Eugene (Gene) Coleman.  Your Ambery married Dellie St.
Clair and my Gene m. her sister Lettie St. Clair.
I met Andy and his mother a few years ago and last year they stopped by here
for a night.  I have given them tons of material on the Colemans and St.
Clairs over the years and tried to keep them up on things but hear very
little from them.
Do you have an E-mail address for Andy?
We have had some really exciting additions to the Coleman information that
he has not gotten.  Also every summer there is a Coleman reunion outside of
Olympia.  There are two of us that are also St. Clairs at this gathering.
Do you know that at least 10 St. Clairs and Colemans married.  Hope you will
join this picnic next Aug. and hope to hear more from you.  Do you get to
Portland?  Dellie's nieces (children of Wilton) Alberta and Margaret are
still living in Salem, OR.
Portland, OR

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From: Lisa Miller <lisa@telebyte.com>

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>Thank you for the Columbus/Sinclair information.
>I received it just in time to adjust my essay. With All the evidence you
and others post on web pages
>about Sinclair, It's hard to disagree with the fact that Sinclair was here
first. I'm sure to get an A.
>I am a descendant, through:
>Colonel Richard Sinclair (Sinkler),
>John Sinclair,
>William Coleman,
>Benjamin Coleman,
>Ambery Coleman,
>John Coleman,
>Grandma Della Coleman,
>Keith Jensen,
>Then myself, Lisa Miller
>I started researching my tree two years ago. I was very grateful to meet a
cousin, Andy Horlacker, from Utah.
>He spent many years researching this line, among others. His excitement
about genealogy has sparked a flame in
>me that will never be extinguished. My family at home, however, thinks I'm
nuts. I love this addicting hobby!
>Thank you again, Lisa Miller  Port Orchard, Washington.
>PS, I survived my 36th birthday! Friday the 13th UGH!

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