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Re: Global location of chatee!!

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To Jean Haddow

I just want to add my congratulations as well Jean.  What a great honour!

My husband and I were in London from the 1st of the 8th of Nov., and I think the
ceremony was held during that time, because we saw an interview with the golfer,
Montgomerie, who was also awarded the MBE.  If we had known that a "relative" was receiving one, we might have been able to give you a rousing 3 cheers in

Thank you also for your offer to help connect the Sinclairs from overseas with
their Scottish roots.  Personally, I'm stalled with a Neil Sinclair who immigrated from Islay, Argyll, in 1842.  I haven't been able to find any record
of his birth yet, and don't really know that he was born there.  The search continues.

All the best.

Toni Sinclair
Ontario, Canada

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