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John Sinclair 4th Ulster

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While researching local genealogy in NY, I found this entry:

Sinclair, John - 4th Ulster (R -202, Cl)/ Jansen-Jansen & Cross & Wilkin
(F-461)   also as "Sinkler" & St. Clair; m. 1773 Catherine Haas or Hess

R - 202  Roberts, John A., NY in Revolution as Colony and State. Albany:
Second Edition, 1898.
Cl           Clearwater, Judge Alfonzo, (family owned book-will have to
give title later; its in NY)
F461     NY Archives Vol 1 also known as Vol. 15, Documents Relative to
Colonial History  in
              State of NY, 1887.
KEH      Kenneth Hasbrouck unpublished genealogical records.
(unfortunately this is             missing   from  the vertical file at
the Huguenot Historical Society Library in New Paltz, NY.)

Perhaps, this information can assist someone apply for DAR.  Though
others in my heritage have served, I had hoped to apply through my
Sinclair line. Unfortunately, I don't think he is the John for whom I'm

>From the Roberts source sited above:

"This regiment seems to have had a somewhat tortuous "career". On March
13, 1776, the Provincial Congress received a letter from Colonel Abraham
Hasbrouck, Major Johannes Snyder and the other officers of the Field and
Staff, returning their commissions for "childish reasons", as the
proceedings of the Provincial Congress characterized them.  On August 3,
1776, Captain Salisbury complained to the same body that Colonel Snyder
had ordered his Troop of Horse be drafted as Foot soldiers.  Congress
contermanded the order.  Soon afterward, charges were preferred against
Colonel Snyder, but whether on account of the above action does not
appear, nor is the result given.  As he was still in command in 1782,
the charges could have had no serious result.  As far as can be
gathered, the Regiment served at different periods from October 25,
1775, until 1782."

One might consider, however, that though this regiment was "based" from
New Paltz, the name Salisbury is not common to Ulster Co., NY, and the
fact that the soldiers were a "Troop of Horse",  that their origin could
have been other than Ulster County, NY.

Hoping one of you can claim him,   Gail.

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