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Re: Is this another hoax?

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>John:  FYI:  In October, 1998 IBM began charging their customers a surcharge f
>dialing up to the internet.  Billing preceeds usage as of the same month, and 
>January, 1999, they are starting "roaming charges".

What does any of that have to do with the hoax?
ISPs usually charge for various kinds of access; that's how
they stay in business.  That has nothing to do with the FCC,
which is what the hoax was about.

>  As educators we understood that we had unlimited access.

Sounds like you need to review your agreement with IBM.

>  I found out last month on my bill a $132. charg
>from IBM.  The reason--we had a 100 hour usage plan and I didn't know it.  Lou
> is
>teaching in the Emirates...can you imagine what our e-mail could run??????I sp
>out about ruining the internet, but the rep could have cared less. Obviously, 
>changing my server, but not yet, until I find out who has IPS security as well
> as
>good service.  IBM is going to get alot of bad press on this one, and I like

Thus does the market work.  People who don't like the service one ISP provides
move to a different ISP.

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