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Re: Global location of chatee!!

Yes, I think that is a nice idea.  I once messaged you about your Bowers not knowing that you were in South Africa and mine in Wisconsin, USA.  So I just whipped out my atlas but found very few cities in SA shown.  I think it could improve my knowledge of geography because I am so curious (I meant my mind--probably I am a curiosity also) that I'll look some of you up now. 
We just watched a series here on PBS concerning the explorations of the Portuguese along the African coast.  We saw some beautiful scenes of the African coast.  Very interesting.
Did any of you see it.  I was struck by the idea that the Portuguese seemed to have knowledge of the position of South America when the Line of Demarcation was drawn by the Pope even though, theoretically, they hadn't been to South America yet.  But this could give another reason for why they refused to back Columbus' trip.  They had already tried it, found a land mass and realized it wasn't China but it seemed to cut them off from getting there.  Their trips were keep very secret so again it shows this pattern of  secretiveness of explorers who looked for new trade routes such as the Zenos on Prince Henry's voyage. 
    I missed the first of this series that would have perhaps shown the Portuguese finding the Madiera IS.  I'm really upset that I didn't see that.  Can anyone tell us about it?
Portland, OR USA
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Subject: Re: Global location of chatee!!

I often receive and send messages through the Sinclair chatlist but would really appreciate it if "chatee's" would indicate their location in the world as it might have bearing on someone's search for someone.
Thank you all in advance.
From:  Shirley Bowers, Saldanha, South Africa