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Re: Robert Sinclair of Wells, Maine

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I have the Morrison book..pg 329 is all about Robefrt DSinkler, who
"was an early resident of Wells, Me.  The relationship which existed between
him and John Sinkler the first of Exeter, N.H., is not known.  It is
probable that he was a son of the aforesaid John of Exeter, although there
has been found no evidence of this in any will or other record.  Many wills
and deeds in former times were never recorded at the county offices, and
were ultimately lost.  It was not an uncommon thing for one to deed to his
son in land what he considered would be that son's portion of his estate,
and then make no mention of said son in his will.  This may have been the
case with John Sinkler of Exeter, in relation to Robert Sinkler of Wells,
Me.  The distance between the places was not great, many citizens of Exeter
had settled in Wells, and the latter place was an outlet for the older
settlement, and furnished a home for its surplus inhabitants and sons of its
older residents.  There it was that Rev. John Wheelwright and his colony
found a refuge when they fled from Exeter.  The communication between the
citizens of one town to the citrizens of the other were continually taking
place.  It is not unlikely, indeed it is extremely probable, that Robert
Sinkler of Wells had received land there as his part of his inheritance,
although such deed of conveyance may not be on recorcd  There are several
evidences of close relationship between John Sinkler of Exeter and his
supposed son, Robert Sinkler of Wells.  The age of the latter was right for
him to be a son of the former.  The same Christian names have for
generations been perpetuated in either branch; the habits, customs, and
occupations of persons of the two lines have been largely the same, and at
this day there is a strong family resemblance between representatives of the
fiverged and diverging lines. {Do you suppose they had the SINKLER NOSE?}

    From the earliest record John Sinkler of Exeter was a pioneer, and
struck out upon the frontier of civilization, and through all generations to
the present, his descendants have been pioneers, and have loved frontier
life.,  Many of them have been mechanics, the owners of sawmills, and other
kinds of manufactories.  {that is certainly true of my (Laurel's) ancestor
John Sinkler, Jr. s/o John of Exeter)  It seems as though one of the race
could not be happy unless he was converting the vast trees of the forest
into manufactured lumber, thus making it serviceable to man.  All of these
characteristics have been prominent in the descendants of Robert Sinkler of
Wells.  They, too, have been frontiersmen, mechanics, owners and operators
of mills  and manufactories.  Johnathan Sinkler, a grandson of John Sinkler
of Exeter, and himself a native of that town, was an owner of land and a
resident of Wells, Me., in 1729.  Robert Sinkler, his supposed uncle, was
there much earlier, although the records do not state the exact time.  He
was there ealy in its history, for that town in a public town meeting on
March 18 1712-14, votred him a grant of 100 acres, and 10 acres of meadow.
The latter remained in the possession of his family until May 20 , 1734,
when it was sold by his son.  Whom he married is not known.  He died
previous to April 28, 1718, and on Dec. 10, 1734, his son in a deed alludes
to him as "late of Wells, deceased."  His wife was Elizabeth......,  who on
April 28, 1718 married 2nd Peter Rich of Wells, and several times in deeds
she and her husband relinquised power of thirds and right of dower in Robert
Sinkler's land.
Child John Sinkler b. before 1713, as deed land May 20, 1724; m. Mary
Wakefield April 19, 1739
{So as with those families that used the Scottish naming system, this Robert
and Elizabeth ? Sinkler named their eldest son after the paternal
grandfather, which would have been John Sinkler of Exeter}
Then I have nearly a page of info on John Sinkler who m. Mary Wakefield and
had 2 children Adoniram and Mary.  I would strongly suspect that there was a
1st son named John, who died or else he is lost to the records.   So then
Adoniram named his eldest son John after the paternal grandfather, John s/ o
John of Wells.  Adoniram wisely discared this naming system for none of them
named any son Adoniram.
Laurel of Portland

>> Robert Sinclair married Elizabeth Denmark in 1712.  They resided in
>Wells, Maine.  Robert died sometime between 1715-1718.  Robert & Elizabeth
>had two children, John and Elizabeth.  John Sinkler was born about 1713 in
>Wells, Maine, and married Mary Wakefield, daughter of James Wakefield and
>Mary Durrell.  I know of only one son, Adoniram Sinkler, who was born about
>1741 also in Wells, Maine.  I have no other information on Robert
>Sinclair/Sinkler and am wondering if anyone knows of this family.
>> [

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