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Kensington Rune Stone

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Subj:	 Henry and the Stone
Date:	98-10-29 01:58:21 EST
From:	m_zalar@hotmail.com (michael zalar)


I have a rather unusual request.  I am currently doing research into the 
Kensington Rune Stone, an artifact supposedly left on a Norse 
expedition, possibly lead by Paul Knutson to Minnesota in the year 1362. 
It is thought that the expediton would have journeyed along the NE coast 
of Canada, penetrated into Hudson Bay, and continued Southward from 
there along the river systems.

It is thought that a geographer, Nicholas of Lynne, accompanied the 
expediton and made a report of that area, called the Inventio Fortunate, 
to the English King.  Likewise Ivar Bardson, a preist from Greenland 
made a report to the Norse King   While in Bergen, Bardson talked with a 
dutchman, James Cnoyen of Harzevan Buske, who also wrote about the 

What does all this have to do with Henry Sinclair?  Most likely nothing.  
However, I am invistigating the possibility that Henry, sailing within a 
generation of that time, may have heard of the Knutson/Nicholas 
expedition and received or at least read one of the above reports.  Any 
connection that could be made between the two expeditions would be 
mutually beneficial.

I may not be talking to the right person.  If there is a chief 
historian, or someone who has access to the library which Henry might 
have used, that would be the best person to talk to.  If there is some 
other person with these responsibilities, could you send me his address 
or e-mail address?

I thank you.

Michael Zalar
179 E Thompson #1
West St. Paul, MN 55118


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