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Common Objectives

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In a message dated 98-10-30 12:28:28 EST, Kristin Alynn Hussein wrote:

<< Just take this Sinclair mailing list for example. All of us
 who participate come from different walks of life in different parts of
 the globe and yet we all have at least one thing in common - our
 Sinclair ancestry - which makes many of us related in one way or
 another. Let's look for the things that we have in common, the things
 that we can share and that will bring us together - not the things that
 make us different and pull us apart.>>
 Prince Henry illustrated the skills of bringing people of many backgrounds
together in harmony.  It was 600 years ago when the non-confrontational
manner of his explorers from Europe interacted peacefully with the Mi'Kmaq 
Native Americans.  This is a lesson from which we should learn!

Pete Cummings

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