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NY Sinclairs/St Clairs

After much interest in the Sinclairs of NY, especially the Albion area, I did some homework checking on Census Reports from 1850 through 1915 and the Cemeteries in Orleans County.  I live in the Albion area and believed that the St Clairs that came here in the late 1700's and 1800's were the only ones in the area.  (My line came from New Hampshire and were descended from James).  I have now found out I was wrong. 
A number of lines moved into the Orleans County area in the 1800's and I cannot find a connection to my line.  I will list what I have found and I hope it helps someone out there.
Found in Mount Albion Cemetery:
   Alexander St. Clair: Born 1823; Died 8/20/1873;  Married 1st Ella Davis B 1822, D 4/21/1861, and later Amanda Davis B 1840 D 4/23/1874; both daughters of Augustus Davis.
      Alexander and Amanda had a son, Edward Alexander B 2/1870 and D 11/1870
* There was another child born and buried in the same plot as Alexander, Edward, Ella, and Amanda, this child had no other markings on her grave except her name; Melissa St. Clair.
This family never showed up on the census reports I looked through. 
    Henry St. Clair:  Born 1816, and died 7/12/1818. (No more information on him)
    Frances St. Clair: Born 1830, and died 7/26/1878. Wife of H. S.  (No more info on her)
1850 Census:  Town of Murray, Orleans Co.
    Henry St. Clair  from Vermont, Merchant aged 32
     Wife: Maria  Age 31; Daughters Mary age 15 and Cornelia age 3.
1850 Census:   Town of Yates, Orleans Co.
    Samuel Sinclair age 24 and Lucius Sinclair age 19 living with Andrew Gray family.
1855 Census:   Town of Yates, Orleans Co.
    Lucius Sinclair age 23 and wife Frances age 19.  Lucius was a Miller and originated from Vermont.
1865 Census:   Town of Albion, Orleans Co.
    Eugene St. Clair  age 18, Boarding with the Day Family.
    George A. St. Clair age 16, Boarding with and working for the Joslyn Family as a clerk.
    Inez St. Clair age 10, Servent for the Hart Family.
    Sarah St. Clair age 15, Domestic for Van Dusen Family.
1865 Census:  Town of Yates, Orleans County
    Samuel Sinclair age 39, Hotel keeper born in Vermont with wife Ann age 32.
* I believe the Samuel and Lucius named here and above are brothers and that they had two sisters also mentioned in the 1865 Census.
    Mary Sinclair age 30, from Vermont lived with her Sister, Helen, and Brother Inlaw.
    Helen Sinclair Hutchinson age 38 Married to William Hutchinson; two sons Merritt S. age 9, and John R.B. age 6.
1875 Census:  Town of Barre, Orleans County
    Robert Sinclair age 28 from England, Farm Laborer; and wife Sophia age 24 from England.
     Their children:  George L. (7), Jesse W. (2), Rose A. (10 months).
   Robert his wife Sophia and son Jesse as well as Jesse's wife were all buried in Mt Albion Cemetery.
If someone wants this information, I can get it for them.
    Lena Sinclair age 18, from England, Domestic for the Lee Family.
1892 Census:  Town of Albion
    George St. Clair age 20, Barber.  (No other information on him)
    Gertie St. Clair age 10, (No other information on her)
    Edward St. Clair age 14, (No other information on him)
    Robert Sinclair age 44 (from above 1875 Barre Census) and wife Sophia (38) and their two children are now in Albion.
1915 Census:  Town of Ridgeway, Orleans County
    Jesse W. Sinclair age 41, Butcher and wife Augusta age 29 with daughter, Ethel Cecelia age 6.
      Jesse is the son of Robert above.  I do not have information on  Augusta, but Jesse was also            married to a Florence Cleavor who was buried near Jesse.
    Albert B. age 51, from Ireland, A Salesman;  Wife Mary age 50 Born in Seneca Falls, NY; Their children:  Claude age 26, Plumber;  Raymond age 23, Stenographer;  Allan age 21, Stenographer;  Grace age 19, Clerk;  and Stanley age 17.    Mary, Claude, Raymond, Grace and Stanley were all buried in Ridgeway Cemetaries.  Can get the information for anyone looking.
    Hatie Sinclair widow of George Sinclair B 1869, D 1906.  Their children:  Leo W. age 23, Cooper;  Florence M. age 18;  Mildren C. age 16; and Edna L. age 10.  Hattie and George were buried in a Ridgeway Cemetery.  Can get the information for anyone looking.
I hope this will help someone in their search.  Let me know if you need more information, I will do my best to find the answers.
Barb in Albion