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Ian Sinclair of Noss Head, Wick, Caithness

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The software got confused about posting the appended message,
apparently because Ian for some reason wasn't subscribed.
He's subscribed now (for a total of 169 subscribers).
Here's his message, which I hope you will all find as interesting
as I did (I wondered who lived in the lighthouse).  -jsq

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iansinclair wrote:
> To begin with I am new to this modern technology so please forgive any
> mistakes.
> My name is Ian Sinclair, I live at the lighthouse at Noss Head,Wick,
> Caithness, Scotland.   The lighthouse is next door to Sinclair and
> Girnigoe Castles, Which is the seat of our clan chief The Rt.
> Hon. Malcolm, Ian Sinclair.
> Just a few weeks ago a new Trust was formed to attempt to save the
> castles from any futher decay.
> The trustees are The Rt. Hon. Malcolm, Ian Sinclair. The Rt. Hon. Lord
> Thurso John Sinclair. Niven Sinclair. Euan Sinclair [Solicitor]. and
> myself.
> The task we have in front of us is by no means an easy one but our
> determination is 100%.
> we are hopful that we can involve a number of young unemployed from the
> area working with Master Masons, also possibly overseas students.
> Another area to be looked at is the educational input for the young
> people, teaching them why the castles were built,for what purpose, and
> by whome.
> That is just the begining, we are also going to build a residential
> Study Centre/Library into our lighthouse complex. We have at present
> over two hundred books in our collection, some very old and rare ones.
> I will attempt to keep you informed of the progress we make, in the
> meantime if any person is interested in our work please contact me on.
> E-MAIL  ian.sinclair@which.net
> TEL No  0161 881 5055
> FAX No  0161 881 1546
> Fraternally
>          Ian Sinclair.

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