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Re: Newspaper article

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Gail, thank you so much for the faxing the newspaper article. I don't think
this is the article. Sad as it is. The name in the article I saw used the name
Sinclair, I know there are variations of the spelling, but St. Clare would not
have caught my eye. Of course, now that I'm getting so much into this
wonderful group of people, I know now the spelling is sometimes irelevant. But
the article I recall was about a Sinclair. I called my brother yesterday and
practically begged him to move machinery in his garage to get to THE TRUNK,
hopefully he did. I hate being at the mercy of someone who doesn't understand
,nor is interested in something that is so important to me.
The article as I recall concerned one child. The letter was more of a note-
type page, (looks like there is another one of us). My mother also had the
name CUNNINGHAM in her family, but I'm not sure which side.  I read an message
in one of the sites from a man who was looking for Cunningham. Upon Emailing
him, it turns out his wife was a Sinclair. So Today, I hope to get more from
him. I may have to start writing to Kentucky  to find out about the Ky orphans
school, and a birth certificate for my mother. I don't recall her ever talking
about her Dads people. She was only 4 yrs. old. when they both died, but I
question any her having physical ties to her Dads family. 
Her maternal grandmother Della Charboneau. I beleive was a West or WestonShe
had a sister named Xenia who married Samual Poe Turner. She lived with us when
I was a youngster, We all called her Aunt Bee. She passed away when I was
around 10 yrs old. Uncle Sam died in Denver, Colo. He had worked for Otis
Elevator as an elevator operator. They never had children. But his brother had
a son Howard, who never married. He lived next door to Aunt Bee and Uncle Sam
with his widowed mother in Denver. My Mother had a 1st cousin Alan Poe
Charboneau, who graduated from college and was hired by Honeywell in
Milwaukee, Wi. Mom mentioned one time that he had retired to Florida. He had
one daughter named Suzanne. I have only seen studio photos.Well I will make a
hard copy of this for myself, so I will remember the things I recalled as I
wrote this.Hope I haven't bored you too much. and Thank you again for the Fax.
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