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Michigan Sinclairs

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Hello, friends

Thanks to Wanda S. for sending me some more information on Sinclairs in Ontario.
This is from research done by a Mr. Fleming in the 1930s.  I have gleaned a little more information about my Neil Sinclair.  He settled in Fenelon area in 1842.  He was a small man.  His wife, Christena Sinclair, was a big woman. (When
you've been searching for such a long time, even that becomes interesting.) Two of their sons were drowned while trying to take an Aglican minister across the Fenelon River. (No dates given) 

An older son, John, lived in the village of Cambray, nearby.  He had 8 children.  His  oldest two sons were Neil and John.  They apparently both lived in Michigan and were buried there.  Both had quite a family, who still live in Michigan.
That's all I know about them so far, but I'll try to trace back in some of my old research to get some dates.  Do any of you Michigan Sinclairs have those two as ancestors who probably came from Canada before they moved on to Michigan?  If so, YOU HAVE ISLAY ROOTS!  

Mr. Fleming also corresponded with other relatives including American ones, and
I'm trying to piece them into this puzzle.

I'll keep you posted, if I find any more relevant info.


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