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Re: sinclair connections

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To everyone:

A reminder to check the Sinclair Guestbook.  I have to admit that I don't do so
nearly so often since our discussion group got started.  For whatever reason,
some people write in the Guestbook, but don't make contact with us.  (Maybe
they think we bite).  Well, bite into this:

Rick - Someone from Kingston, Ontario, is interested in an Archibald who settled
south of London, Ontario!

Neil - someone looking for New Brunswick Sinclairs

Karen - here's one for you - yet another North Carolina Sinclair looking for connections.

Wanda - there's a mention of a Sinclair born in Germany around 1755 who emigrated to the U.S.

I feel like Santa's elf, handing out goodies from the sack.  Is there one from Islay  for me, Santa?  Maybe tomorrow.

I'm bored, can you tell?

All the best to you all.


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