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GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index

Yes. It's only me again - trying to be helpful. Some of you are probably
already aware of these sites, but maybe a few of you haven't come across
them yet. OK. I promise. That's the last web page I send today.


Title: GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index

GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index

Welcome to the GENDEX WWW Genealogical Index. This server indexes hundreds of World Wide Web databases containing genealogical data for nearly five million individuals, and gives you the ability to locate and view data of interest to you on any of these databases, without having to go and visit each of the databases separately.

-> Access the Index

The GENDEX server provides two modes of access: (1) Unregistered (free) access; (2) Registered (pay) access. For free access, just click on the link above. To find out what features are provided with registered access, click here.

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