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Attn: Toni S.

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In a recent e-mail to Lou and Gail Mottol, you wrote:

To Lou & Gail Mottol:

        Ive found a few names for you in NY with association to the
Dutch Reform Church:\\JAMES SINCLAIR  born Scotland 1811, died before
1861.  Married Eliza(beth) Haney 26 Sept, 1831 in the Dutch Reform
Church, GreenwichVillage, NY.  She was born 1810.  They had 7 children

        1.  Sarah, born in Albany, 1834
        2.  Jane, born 1837
        3.  Richard, b. 1838
        4.  William James , b 1840
        5.  James, b. 1841
        6.  Mary Ann, born 1842 in Oriskenny, NY
        7.  Martha , b. 1846

        Odly, James' religion is shown Presbyterian in the 1850 census
of Whitetown, Oneida Co. New York.

        I don't know if this is of any help to you or not, but I thought

the Ref. Church
        was rather a co-incidence.

        This info. comes from my "miscellaneous Sinclairs" file.  No

        Good luck,
        Toni S.

I was wondering if you had any more information regarding decendents of
Sarah, Jane,  Richard, William James, James, Mary Ann,  and Martha that
you mentioned in the e-mail. The Presbyterian connection with regards to
James caught my attention as some of my ancestors have been
Presbyterians. Many thanks.


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