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In your e-mail of today to Virginia  D. Hardeman, you wrote:

For Virginia D. Hardeman
Hello cousin. George Almon Sinclair is the offspring of Almon B.
1/2/1885 in Columbiana, Ohio. Father is Levi Miller Sinclair. Levi
Miller is
my GGGrandfather. I would really like to discuss all of this with you
reagular Email. I have our lineage back to 1699 when Alexander Sinclair
from Scotland and also back to 970 AD.
Contact me at gdsinclair@aol.com
I am leaving on the 9th for Colorado to attend the Long's Peak Highland
and will be back about the 20th. Looking forward to discussing this with

Both the Ohio and Colorado references piqued my interest. I have been
trying desperately to locate my gg grandfather, Robert Sinclair (m. ?
Ward) who was located in Ohio. He was likely born some time between 1865
and 1870. He and his wife, as well as their daughter, relocated to
Colorado at some point, but his son, John Ward Sinclair I (b. 1891, d.
1928) relocated to Montana in 1916 (also fought in WWI). When John Ward
Sinclair I (my g grandfather) died, his mother and his sister came to
the funeral in Montana from Colorado according to the obituary that I
have. Unfortunately, their names were not listed. Since the obituary did
not state that his father, Robert Sinclair, was present at the funeral,
I have to assume that he was either dead by that time, or was alive and
did not/could not come to the funeral for some other reason.

At any rate, I was wondering if you could share with me any additional
information you might have on Levi Miller Sinclair, Almon B. Sinclair
and/or George Almon Sinclair - decendents, siblings, parentage, etc. I'm
wondering if my Robert could have been a sibling or uncle somewhere in
that line. Also, were you refering to Almon or George when you wrote: b.
1/2/1885 in Columbiana, Ohio? Hope to hear from you soon.



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