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Re: Description of Prince Henry Sinclair

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Dear Wanda,

You have asked a wonderful question concerning what Prince Henry looked like. 
Fortunately, all the people who attend the Clan Gathering 600th Celebrations
at NH Highland Games and at Westford will actually see Prince Henry!

Annette Hixenbaugh, our Clan Sinclair Commissioner in Oklahoma, has research
this and has made a costume.  She has also made one for Sir James Gunn, also.
Thanks to Annette's generosity, we have displayed these, adorned by enactors,
at a number of Scottish events.  Her son, Norman, has posed for a picture,
which we will unveil at our Westford ceremonies.  

For more infor about Annette's research, you might contact her at
If you or others are interested in obtaining information about the Gathering
of the Clans at the NH Higland Games and at Westford, there is still time to
Register.  Here's how:

In order to assure your participation in these specific Clan events, please
reserve your tickets by sending your check to me today for the following:
     ____ Registration Fee, $15/adult (required for Clan activities)
     ____ tickets for Clan Banquet on Monday, Sept. 21st, @ $35/person
                _____ Chicken  or  ______ Beef
     ____ tickets for Harbor Cruise on Wed, Sept. 23rd, @ $15/person
     ____ tickets for Reception on Tues, Sept 22, @ $15/person

We are preparing a day-long program for Sept. 18, at the NH Highland Games.  
They will be repeated at Westford on Sept. 21. 

       Sinclair/ St. Clair Genealogy
       History of Sinclairs from Norway to Scotland
       Rosslyn Chapel & Castles Rosslyn 
       How to educate our youngsters about Sinclair heritage
       Prince Henry's Exploration of America
H. S. "Pete" Cummings, Jr.
General Chair of the Clan Sinclair Gathering 
65 Hartwell Street, West Boylston, MA, 01583     
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