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Re: Noses, hair and why did we get out of here?

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Interesting note on physical similarities-  we recently visited the Orkneys
where our Sinclair came from.  A 91 year old resident commented on my mothers
and my appearance as looking like a Sinclair- perhaps it was the nose ans we
have a similiar profile.  We have had a mix of auburn and blond hair in our
family, predominantly blond for generations.  
  On the why did our ancestors leave?  The oldtimer who knew of our family
reported that our Sinclairs left at the turn of the century when my g-
grandfather married a woman from a family "who thought they were gentry and he
got his ticket to America, when he married her."  The 91 year old man reported
that her family scorned the relationship, as our Sinclairs were ordinary
farmers with a huge family and could not adequately provide for their
daughter.  It was also reported that our Alexander Sinclair had found a large
nugget of gold during a goldstrike and after sharing the procedes with his
family took off for the new world.                  Marilyn- US
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