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Re:Another John Sinclair (John D.)

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     Since some of my Sinclairs (descendants of my John C.) came on to
Georgia, I would very much like to keep in touch with you and compare notes.
Tifton, GA is very near where two of my Sinclair brothers (my GrGrandfather
and his bro.)were in the naval stores business; a nephew of theirs also was in
GA at that same time.  I will look through my records.
     If you care to be touch by snail-mail at any time, my address is Rebecca
Sanford 347 N. Amelia Ave., DeLand, FL  32724.  I will exchange anything I
have either by mail or e-mail.  E-mail sometimes certainly helps others who
are struggling along to find folks who are alluding us.
     The very best to you in your search and hope that I can help some way.
We, ourselves, did live in Lakeland, Fl for about 7 years and have a number of
friends still in the area.  What time span are you talking about ?
     And welcome to the group; everyone is so helpful and concerned; I'm sure
you will find those you seek.
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