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I am presently helping someone trace a person called "John Sinclair" who was apparently born in about 1918 or thereabouts.  We have very little detail to work on except that he was in the South African Navy during the late 60's and took a strong interest in long-distance walking.  He left South Africa aboard a vessel bound for Australia and resided in Wellington, Australia (which one I'm not sure) thereafter.  Whether he remained in Australia is questionable.  Unfortunately we do not have any middle name or other pertinent detail to go on but would like to stress that the matter is of some importance to us.

Any information regarding such a person would be VERY, VERY, VERY much appreciated - even if it is a long shot and we have to start over again.

Please dredge your memories and ask family members if they know of such a man and, if so, please let me know where I can contact him.

Thank you


Shirley Bowers 

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