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Re: Jennie

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John & Others,

Although I also got numerous messages, to paraphrase, Stuff happens.

I recently returned home to Sunny Cape Cod Ma. after visiting the resting
places of several New England Ancestors.  All buried in the Essex Common
Cemetery, Essex Vermont. For those who have the Morrisson book see Joseph,
Jeremiah, and more.

I found it interesting that some of the headstone spellings were Sinclear.
I hope the photos come out.

I also determined several errors were made by Mr.. Morrison which will take
further research to clear up.

Is anyone on the list familiar with a town called Wadsworth Vermont??   I am
trying to find information on a side of my family name of Plimpton.   I will
also be seeking info soon of members who left Essex Vermont & Johnson
Vermont and headed North.

I also recently had contact with persons who recently stayed at the Rosslin
Castle.  I am going to try to beg, borrow, or whatever the negatives of the
photos they took inside and out  Should be interesting to all.

So, for Jenny through John, Although the messages were inconvenient, I feel
contact with all cousins is important.

I also hope to see as many Sinclairs as possible in the parade through
Lincoln New Hampshire in September.  last year Clan Keith was well
represented as the honored Clan.

All for now,  Good Luck & Good Health

Gary M. Sinclair, Harwich, Ma

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