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Re: An alert

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In a message dated 98-07-28 13:33:05 EDT, you write:

<< I disagree.  I am not on any of those lists and, while it may be an
 electronic chain-letter, I would rather know about it than not.  It
 takes up little space, could be useful to some of us, and, with the
 continual change in technology and the forms in which information is
 shared, it could be possible.  Those of us that receive junk mail
 through the Internet might actually receive something like this.  Don't
 be so negative or take ourselves too seriously.  This is an information
 exchange list.  This is information that some Sinclairs might like to
 have. >>

The best advise is to not download any file with the .zip or .exe extension if
you do not know who it is from. You -can't- get a virus from opening your e-
mail if you do not download and open any attachments.
Tony St.Clair
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