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Stick for the Sinclairs

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Thought I'd let you Know that you Sinclairs are getting a bit of stick on the
priory-of-sion list. Apparantly you can all trace your line back to JC through
the Merovingian's.   Take it with a pinch of salt I think.  See below..

John Duguid

Message: 15
   Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 22:02:05 -0700
   From: "kalogonis" <kalogonis@fastinet.net> Subject: Re: the solution to some
priory mysteries

 Dear Mr. Vlad-Jyomyo Draculea,

You may describe as " intolerance", if you wish, the fact that I have noted
that the value of the name "Sinclair" is equal to 666 in Jewish gematria. In a
free society, one is allowed to form one's own opinions.  And you have chosen

judge  me guilty of "intolerance" because I followed the evidence, and came to

conclusion which you do not like.

That's fine.  But please remember: I NEVER said anything to the effect that the
entire Sinclair family is in league with the devil, or even for that matter

any particular individual member of that family was or is, as I do NOT know who
the antichrist is, or even with absolute certitude that he will come from the
Sinclair family. 

However, in light of the claims by Baigent et al, and Knight and Lomas, and all
of the other writers who are trying to sell the "sacred bloodline" myth to the
public, I certainly NOT believe that the value of the Sinclair name being equal
to 666  is without relevance here.  For "the bloodliners" are the ones who
brought the Sinclair name into the forefront in the first place, Not I.

I only noted the fact that the name equals 666 in order to put their claims

some sort of perspective, because even you must surely admit that when the

warns us that the antichrist whose name will be equal to 666 will eventually
rule the entire world, and we now have a family whose name equals 666, and the
proponents of the bloodline myth claim for that very same family a pedigree

Jesus Christ himself and that their pretender to the throne should be allowed

reign as a holy priest-king that one does have a right to at least raise an
eyebrow, don't you?

I never wrote the Book of Revelation which stated that the number of the beast
was 666 (Rev 13:18).  And I never said as did Baigent, in pointing SPECIFICALLY
to the Sinclair family from among others  that "All of these houses could
presumably claim a pedigree from Jesus" (HBHG page 384 hardback and page 409
paperback).  Nor did I hold a gun to Baigent's head in order to get him to say
it.  And I never devised the system of Jewish gematria which assigned the

to the letters of the alphabet that created the Sinclair = 666 total a fact!

 All I did was to note that the heretical claims being made by the proponents

the "holy bloodline" myth in connection with the Sinclair family fit the
Biblical prophetic framework.  And it does.

 THEY brought up the name; not I. In addition, THEY made the audacious claims
for the family; not I. And THEY raised the idea that a member of that family
could legitimately claim to be a priest-king; not I.

Therefore, in light of the fact that the family which THEY named just happened
to be equal to 666, I felt that it was only fair to note that their claims for
that family should not be understood outside of the light of that fact. If that
is "intolerance", then so be it.  I don't personally happen to believe that it

 However, since you've apparently already taken it upon yourself to judge and
condemn me anyway, Mr. Draculea, I should like to point out something else with
which I am sure you will fault as well, but which I never felt compelled to say
until now:  And that is that since the "holy bloodline" proponents have argued
that this "grail family" has its roots in Israel, and it was Baigent et al who
argued that the long hair of the Merovingians was a significant factor to
support that claim of Jewish origins as well as the 300 gold bees found in
Childeric's grave since BOTH showed a Merovingian connection to the tribe of

(I.E. Samson's strength was derived from his long hair, and he posed the riddle
of the bees and honey to Delilah), I feel compelled to note the fact that that
theologians have pondered for CENTURIES the idea that the antichrist would come
from out of  the tribe of Dan for at least a couple of reasons:  When Jacob
(Israel) was about to die, and he gathered his sons together to say his final
goodbyes to them, he said that "Dan shall be a serpent in the way, a viper by
the path, that bites the horse's heels so that the rider falls backward."
(Gen.49: 17-18)   And in the Revelation, when John revealed the tribes from
which the 144,000 Israelis were sealed for salvation, every tribe of Jacob's
children was represented except the tribe of Dan!  It was missing, replaced by
the tribe of Manasseh! Just coincidence?

Perhaps, but interestingly enough is the fact that in addition to the Danite
connection which Baigent and Co. noted is also the fact that they tried to make
a Benjamite connection for the Merovingians as well (See HBHG all of chapter

and on pp 346-347 of the paperback edition, and on pp 319-320 of the hardback

Yet, in saying his goodbye to Benjamin, Genesis tells us that Jacob said
"Benjamin is a ravenous wolf, in the morning devouring the prey, and at even
dividing the spoil."

Therefore, certain theologians have asked whether this negative statement might
not be a warning that the antichrist or the false prophet is/are to come from
the tribe of Benjamin.

I don't know. But if it isn't then we must ask ourselves why should it be that
of all the tribes from which the Merovingians supposedly could have come, that
the propagators of the "bloodline myth" wind up turning to the two "suspect"
tribes--Dan and Benjamin--when linking the Merovingians to Israel rather than
linking them to the tribe of Judah which we know was the tribe of both King
David and Jesus Christ if the Merovingians really could be linked to Jesus. 
Does their inability to link the Merovingians to Judah rather than to Dan not
speak for itself?  If the Messiah was to come from the tribe of Judah, and the
supposed descendants of the messiah are really Merovingians then why aren't the
Merovingians linked to the tribe of Judah rather than to the tribe of Dan which
has been supposed to be the tribe of the antichrist for centuries?

Bill Kalogonis

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