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Looking for another John Sinclair

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Hello everyone!
Boy-oh-boy, am I new to this, too!  I joined the Sinclair mail list a
short while ago, with the hope of listening in and maybe hearing some
information that would help my family discover something about "our"
John Sinclair (1788-1876).

Since I do not have a personal pc and can only view the Sinclair emails
while I'm at work (don't tell my boss....), I haven't been able to
devote a great deal of attention to all of the emails that I've seen.
Hopefully, I haven't missed something that could have helped shed
information on my line before asking it now.

Please excuse how it's written, too.  I'm not even sure how to properly
diagram my tree.  As far as I know, we can only go as far back as John
Sinclair and we are not even sure where he resided.  If anyone has any
information about John, I would be thrilled to hear it!

gggGrandfather - John Sinclair, b-1788, d-1876 (??Rusagornish, New
Brunswick??)  m-Phoebe, b-1787, d-1854

ggGrandfather - William Sinclair, b-June 3, 1816, d-July 10, 1841
m-Dec. 12, 1873 to Elizabeth Wood in Rusagornish, New Brunswick

gGrandfather - Spafford Barker Sinclair, b-Jan.16, 1849 in Rusagornish,
New Brunswick, d-October 19, 1920
(Lived in Rusagornish and buried at United Baptist Church Cemetery)
m-Sept. 23, 1885 to Annie Elizabeth Nason, b-June 1, 1865, d-March 1,
c-Annie, W. Sandy, Murray, Roland, Phoebe, John, Barker, Smith, Graham

Grandfather - Smith Dorien Sinclair
b-May 25, 1901 (Rusagornish NB), d-May 1, 1965 (Weston, Mass.)
m-March 9, 1925 to Eva Merle Greer, b-May 30, 1908, d-Aug 10, 1963
Both buried at:  Gethsemane cemetery, West Roxbury, Massachusetts.
c-Warren, Grace (Libby), Gerald, Marilyn (Drisko), Eugene

Father - Gerald Greer Sinclair. b-June 27, 1929
m-Sept 2, 1950 to Jean Marie Storer, b-Dec. 6, 1929
Currently residing in Spring Hill, Florida
Prior residence: Weston, Mass. & Framingham, Mass.
c-Debra Jean (b. Nov 27, 1953), Robert (b. May 30, 1958)

Thank you one and all!!
Deb Sinclair
Comverse Network Systems
300 Federal St., Andover, MA 01810

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