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Re: Shurery

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Richard Lower wrote:
> Attention Toni, Sandy, John or others who may know about Shurery,
> Scotland.
> Can you please tell me where it is - I have gone blind peering at my
> 1896 Ordnance Survey map and worn out the Search Engines to no avail.
> I see a suggestion that it may be in the vicinity of Dunbeath and
> Stemster, but don't see it there.  I think my Sinclairs in the Loch
> Watten region may have one line in the Shurery area, but want to check
> it out some more before buying the book from Rory.
> Appreciate your assistance.   Ray Lower

 The correct spelling of the placename is Shurrery and it can be found
on a good map of Caithness, branching off the inland road between Reay
and Thurso.  It is about 3 miles south of Shebster down an unclassified

There used to be a village nearby at Brubster with a school and there
was a crofting community with church and manse at Shurrery. Now nearly
all the crofts are empty and derlict. There is a shooting lodge at
Shurrery but I do not know if it is still in use.

The water from Loch Shurrery was used to supply the water for the Atomic
Energy plant at Dounreay.

Hope you find this helpful.

Rose Sinclair

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