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Re: Shurery

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Hello Ray:

I found Shurrery on my '96 AA Road Atlas.  Its approx. 8 miles southwest of Thurso,  and 6 miles west of Halkirk.  If you still can't find it, it's about
1 mile north of Loch Shurrery (if that's on your map), or 2 west of Loch Calder.

The only mention of "Watten" in Rev. Maclean Sinclair's book is of a Colin, son of William in Clarville.  he lived at Kirkton until 1807, afterwards at Melvich for a number of years, but died at Dunn in the parish of Watten.  That was a time of a great number of evictions, and they shifted from place to place a lot, before many of them left for the new world. 
 As a matter of fact, his grandson, Colin became a minister in Ripley, Ontario, and 3 sons of Colin - James, Alexander and Peter emigrated to AUSTRALIA.***


By the way, this branch of the Sinclairs stem from John Sinclair in Golval, according to the above author.


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