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Place-name Gazetteers

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To:   Mark James Bradshaw: M.J.B@bigpond.com
CC:   Sinclair list: sinclair@zilker.net
From: Robert Sinclair Rodger, Halifax, Nova Scotia:
Date: 12 July 1998
Subj: Place-names gazetteers

Mark: There are place-name gazetteers at


then click on "Thesaurus of Geographic Names" (over 1 million)
or try "Gazetter for Scotland".  This last is said to be under
development in the Department of Geography at the University
of Edinburgh: seemingly they hope Fife will be ready as a
demonstration project by September 1998.  Also


then click on "Ordnance Survey - Gazetteer of Place Names"

Of course, you might need e.g. a Landranger 1:50,000 map to
see where the map-references point.  Maybe a trip to the
University of Queensland might be necessary to look for a map.
Also it may be possible to buy the appropriate sheet(s) through
the net.

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