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Re: Fife Sinclairs

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on 11 Jul 98, sinclair@zilker.net wrote...

>[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@zilker.net.
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>Firstly I find all the information regarding the Sinclairs very interesting
>and have been trying to work it all out, as I have no idea of some of the
>places that are mentioned, I have 4 atlases and they are useless for these
>sort of look ups, does anyone know were I can get a print out on the net of
>Scotland with all these places, I did find one for the Fife area which is
>very detailed and which my sinclairs lived at, but would like to have other
>areas also, so I can look places up when people send into the Sinclair
>list. My sinclairs lived around the Dunfermiline, Wemyss, Ballingry,
>Auchterderran, Dysart areas and are trying to trace this line down but with
>very little sucess. My grandmother Margaret Logan Sinclair born 1890
>Auchterderran was the daughter of Alexander Sinclair who married Margaret
>Logan in 1870 at Ballingry, Alexander was the son of Alexander Sinclair and
>Isabella Wiliamson, I have two old studio photo's of Alexander Sinclair and
>Margaret Logan taken at Kirkcaldy in the late 1890's early 1900's. My
>grandmother and grandfather married in 1918 at Dysart after the war and he
>brought her back to Australia in 1918, I was told she missed home and her
>last child, my father, they named him Wemyss Fyfe Bradshaw everybody called
>him Will, he died when I was 18 in 1978 and I am wanting to find the
>history of my Sinclair line. My grandmother collected old post cards and
>from these I have addresses where her family lived and a school she
>attended. Does anyone have any information or history on the Sinclairs from
>this area. I did read about a King Malcolm at Dunfermline in 1070 from the
>Sinclair list and this William St Clair "going back a way" and how would I
>find out were my Sinclairs decendant from. Any information I would be
>Thanks Mark :-))

Good Morning Mark,

My name is William Sinclair. Born Glasgow Scotland in 1936. My Great Grand
parents were born in Callander, Fife.1886 which was a census year and we got a
lot of information from that.We can trace back one other generation in that Gt
Gt Grandfather was married at Wemyss in the early 1800's We found a scad of
Sinclairs in this area  some of whom must have been relatives but no proof as
Scottish records are sparse. Weddings were sometimes written in the minister's
note book amd sometimes not. And these books were frequently lost. I have spent
days in the record office in Edinburgh but it is hard to make solid connections
beyond 1825.. You have to remember that marriage by declaration was legal in
Scotland then and I believe still is.... Accompanied by your intended you stop
two people in the high road / street and declare yourself married... That's it !

I now live in England among the old enemy. I remember a Scotland unspoiled and
beautiful. A lot of it has now been wrecked by ... Well I do not want to be
lynched so I'll just say I will not be returning to the 'peoples republic of
Scotland'  anytime soon....   :-}


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