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Washington State Sinclairs

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Hi Sandy (Alexander) Sinclair!

My great grand father is Joseph Sinclair, who is (I think) the brother of
your grandfather Alexander, which makes you and I "cousins!"  What exactly
is the get together in Westford?  I would love information on when, where,
etc.  Perhaps my family could attend!  I don't know if you got my recent
e-mail about my lineage, but I will forward it to you later on in this
e-mail.  This explains our relationship!

Also, Toni, how can I obtain a copy of "The Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness
and Goshen?"  Is is a published book?  Also, is it the same publication as
the "The Descendants of Alexander in Shurery?"  I would be very interested
in obtaining a copy (or copies) since this is about my direct line.  Thanks,

Sandy, here is my previous message forwarded:

My name is Annie Laurie Sinclair (after the scottish song), and I am new to
this list.  I have some family history that you may be able to use...

...From Roslin in Scotland, a branch of the Sinclair family went to
Caithness and it was from there that the Sinclairs came to Canada and the
U.S.A. in 1818.  The family is identified as the Sinclairs of Shurery,
which is the name of the place in Caithness from which they came.  The head
of the Caithness family had the title of Earl of Caithness.  James
Sinclair, the 16th Earl died in New York in 1881, and John Sutherland
Sinclair, the 17th Earl of Caithness, lived at, or had a ranch, called
Berriedale at Lacota, North Dakota.  He was a member of the House of
Representatives in the thirties.

My immediate family can conveniently be identified with the Sinclairs of
Shurery, through William Sinclair of Shurery who was born in 1721.  He had
six children and his second son was Alexander, born February 16, 1759.

Alexander left Scotland in 1816 and sailed for America, landing in Halifax,
Nova Scotia.  In 1819 he moved with his family to Goshen, Nova Scotia.  He
died in 1841.  John, 2nd son of Alexander Sinclair, lived on a lot beside
his father's.  He married Elizabeth MacKenzie in 1825 and they had the
following children:

Alexander, born Oct. 23, 1826 -(Sandy, is this your grandfather?)
William,      "	Nov. 5, 1828
John-Thomas   "	Aug. 11, 1830
Robert Angus  "	July 4, 1832
Daniel        "	May 17, 1834
Simon         " May 8, 1836
James         " June 9, 1838
Hugh-Kenneth  " Oct 17, 1840
Isabel        " Feb. 10, 1843
Ebenezer      " June 9, 1845
Joseph        " May 28, 1847
Henry         " Mar. 12, 1851

Joseph, 10th son of John Sinclair married, in May, 1877, Jessie M. Forbes.
They had four children:  Kirtley, John William Eldridge, Gertude and Karl.
Joseph Sinclair moved to Yakima, Washington in 1879.  He was a
lieutenant-colonel in the army.  He died in 1895.

John W. E. Sinclair, the 2nd son of Joseph, married Una Dell Davidson May
22, 1910.  They had two children, Edith, and Eldridge Wayne, who is my
My father is married to Joan (Gillison) Sinclair, and they live here in
Riverside, California.  My two sisters live in Los Angeles. My brother,
Eldridge Wayne Sinclair Jr. passed away (car accident) in 1986, but left
one more Sinclair descendant, Jessica, born in January 1987.

A. Laurie Sinclair

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