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The first William Sinclair

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Robert J. Stevens,
	I awoke this morning thinking some more about our favorite William le blond.  Should have been thinking about packing for a little jaunt to San Jose but we must remember our priorities, ha.  
     So if  what was reported in the Yours Aye, is still currently the accepted facts that William was in Scotland before the Conquest,  then I still am wondering about the events that brought him there, how about you?  Did he go first to England because of the relationship and friendship with Edward the Confessor?  Was he over there visiting his uncle Hubert who was Edward's cousin.  Edward had given him a grant of land at Ashe, In Hampshire before the Conquest.....  In the counties of Essex and Sussex this family held lands before the conquest. Did he meet his future Scottish bride, Dorothy Dunbar,  there and then go to Scotland to marry her and settle on here lands to live? One place I read that the land was awarded to him and another it came through his marriage to Dorothy.  And the truth maybe a combination of those two ideas.
	And I can't help but wonder how you get Maude or Matilda out of Edith.  Did she have a middle name that would explain it?
So must go do my 4 mile walk and then pack.  See you-all (lived in Indiana for 12 years.  I wonder will that little statement upset someone?) in a week.  
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