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Re: Another Admiral Sinclair

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Thank you, Robert, for your most interesting summary( with corrections!) of
the life of ' Another' - he seems to have been much more worthy than the one I
was (and still am) interested in from our family hearsay.  It does show the
benefit as you said of being included in Burke or Debrett - whereas my old
Admiral Sinclair was an illegitimate son of , I think possibly, a William
Sinclair of Caithness and seems to be little documented.
I do hope that when you were at Fort George during WW2 you managed to get to
the Edinburgh area to visit Stevenson House.  About 8 or 9 years ago my wife
and I visited this house and were taken on a guided tour by an elderly lady
who lived there. Unfortunately she became unwell part way through and our tour
of this delightful family home was completed by a younger volunteer - but she
did not have the fund of knowledge that the first lady had.  We usually keep
guidebooks from the properties we visit - but I do not seem to have one from
Stevenson House - possibly they did not have one available then.  On the same
holiday we also visited the nearby, much larger house of Lennoxlove and also
Preston Mill with the Phantassie Doocot which have been restored by the
National Trust for Scotland of which we are Life Members. Although we live in
the NorthEast of England my father came from Stirling( his father having moved
south from Caithness) and my mother came from Dundee, with her forebears all
being from Angus (or Forfarshire as it was originally).  My wife's forebears
were also all from Angus, particularly around Kirriemuir and Glamis so we have
always had a close connection with Scotland.
Your advice about keeping good records for descendants is well worth
reinforcing - although I must admit that if all my, and my wife's family
history had been given to me in documents it would not have been nearly so
interesting and challenging as I have found my searches over the past 30 or 40
years !!  
If you do hear of 'my' Admiral Sinclair sometime I shall be delighted to hear
from you again. Kindest regards. Douglas Nicholson
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