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Re: John Sinkler

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Gary --
 I'll fill in what I know, but I'm new to this and it may be of little use --
my family branches from your line in the fourth generation. My line runs as

John Sinkler

James Sinkler

Joseph Sinkler
      children:  Thomas, Joseph, John, James

Thomas Sinkler  (born South Newmarket NH 1721; wife's name unknown; died
Hardwick, Vt 1796)
       children: Benjamin, Thomas, Sarah, Bathsheba, James, Zebulon,

James St.Clair (born Newmarket, NH; married Sarah Hunt; died Barre NY 1836)
        children: Polly, Joseph, Polly, James, Sally, Betsey, Miriam, Nancy,
         Tucker, Levi-Hunt, Electa-Jane, Philip

James St.Clair Jr. (born Sanbornton, NH 1789; married Patience Matilda
Northrup; died Barre NY 1874)
        children: Charles Northrup, Henry Arthur, Caleb Northrup, James
Julius, James 
          Julius, Augeline Sophia, Oscar Fitzalan Wares (adopted, died in

Dr. James Julius St.Clair (born in Barre, NY; married Rachel Griffith; died
Marquette, MI 1862)
        children: Eugene Griffith, George Arthur, James Oscar, Julius Northrup

George Arthur St.Clair (born Strongsville, OH 1848, married Rossetta Howe)
        children: George Howe, Frank Eugene, Lillian Rachel, Grace Amelia,

George Howe St.Clair (born Humbolt, MI 1874; married Therese Sackett; died
approx. 1958 in Little Rock, Arkansas; lived most of his life in Minnesota,
where he owned and operated mines in the Mesabi Range)
         children: George, John, David, William

William St.Clair (born Duluth, Minnesota 1919; married Fiona M. Fotheringham
of Johannesburg, South Africa in 1947; died in Chokoloskee, Florida in 1994)
          children: Fiona, David

Fiona St.Clair (born Johannesburg, South Africa 1948; married Robert Serber
[deceased]; I currently live in New York and Mexico)
           children: Zachariah Serber, William Serber 

The only members of the family I really know about are my father's brothers --
George, John, and David. All four brothers were all born in Minnesota, but
traveled extensively and wound up living in South Africa, New Zealand, Cuba,
Mexico, etc., etc. at various stages of their lives. John, David, and my
father were geologists and mining engineers. All are now dead and only my
father and John had children. John's children are: Therese [two children: Mark
and David] , Mark [deceased, no children], and John [lives in Puerto Rico, no
children].  My brother David lives in Philadelphia and has no children. It
would appear that this line is dwindling out -- no males bearing the St.Clair
name will continue into the next generation. A far cry from James and Sarah
and their 12!  On the other hand, the connections to Scotland are still there.
I still have relatives on my mother's side in Elgin, and my two sons spent
last year in Edinburgh -- one at the Edinburgh Academy and the other (courtesy
of a St.Andrews Fellowship) getting an MSc in Neuroscience from the U. of
Edinburgh. Anyway, hope this is interesting to you, if not useful.

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