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John Sinkler

Greetings from sunny Cape Cod Ma
Some information sent to me a while ago by Pete Cummings, Clan Sinclair USA Genealogist goes like this:
John Sinclair Immigrant-106 b-about 1612 Scotland d abt 1700 Exeter NH
       129 Mary or Deborah b-about 1615
       130 Richard Scammon 3320 b about 1630
       131 Prudence WALDRON 3321 B-about 1634
256 Henry Sinclair-478 b-abt 1580 Caithness Scotland  m-Scotland d-1614 Kirkwall, Orkney
       257-Janet Sutherland-482 b-about 1580 Scotland
       260 Richard Scammon Immigrant-882 b-1585 England d-1660 Dover NH
512 John (Master of Caithness) Sinclair-213 b-before 1543 Caithness, Scotland d-1577/ 78 Girnigoe Castle, Wick, Scotland
       513-Jean Hepburn-214 b-about 1565
1024 George (Earl of Caithness) Sinclair-480 b-1533 Dunbeath, Caithness Scotland d-09-Sept 1582 Edinburgh, Scotland
        1025 Elizabeth Graham-481  b about 1536
2048 John (Earl of Caithness) b-about 1490 Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland  d-18, May 1529- Battle of Somersdale, Orkney
        2049 Elizabeth Sutherland b about 1488 of Duffus, Moray, Scotland
        2050 William Montrose Earl 4348  b-about 1470.
That's all I have time for now but I will send rest soon.
I know Pete is very busy with the Prince Henry Celebration, but, maybe when time permits, he can post for all and correct any of my errors.
Good luck & Good health to all,
Gary Sinclair,  Harwich Ma.