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A booklet on Rosslyn Chapel

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TO:   Sinclair list: sinclair@zilker.net
From: Robert Sinclair Rodger, Halifax, Nova Scotia:
Date: 28 June 1998
Subj: A booklet on Rosslyn Chapel

In view of recent discussions in the Sinclair Mailing
List, I draw Sinclairs' attention to the following:

"The Friends of Rosslyn", Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin,
Midlothian EH25 9PU  Scotland have a wonderful little
booklet (37 pages including colour photographs) entitled
"An Illustrated Guide Book" (ISBN 0 9521493 0 3) opening:
"To the memory of William St Clair, Ruler of Orkney,
Premier Magnate of Norway, Duke of Oldenburg (Denmark),
Lord High Admiral of Scotland, Knight of the Cockle and
Golden Fleece, Earl of Caithness, Lord Nithsdale, Baron
of Rosslyn, whose ingenuity and insight, dedication and
devotion were responsible for the design and building of
Rosslyn Chapel this work is humbly dedicated."

I cannot remember how much I paid for this when I bought
it at the chapel in 1994.

Among its numerous points of high interest to Sinclairs
are the statement that it is now commonly accepted that
the foundation stone was laid in 1446; the photograph of
the effigies of St. Clairs buried in Danbury Church,
England; the fact that the gravestone of Sir Willian de
Sinncler, Grand Prior of the Knights Templar was moved to
the chapel from the (Rosslyn) castle grounds in 1873; the
statement that it is a matter of record that Earl William
was appointed Grand Master of various orders, the
Craftmasons and other hard and soft guilds in Scotland in
1441; the suspicion that The Holy Rood of Scotland
(containing a large portion of the 'True Cross'), which
William 'The Seemly' Sinclair took to Scotland in the first
place, lies hidden somewhere in the chapel; the burial of
Sinclair knights in full armour and their remarkable
preservation in the almost airless vaults; and the assertion
that Prince Henry Sinclair was aided by Templar funding in
his voyage to Nova Scotia in 1398 (though I can find no
reference to this in Frederick J Pohl's book "The Sinclair
Expedition to Nova Scotia in 1398").

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