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RE: Religion

Hi, Wendy.  Good question. I was wondering that myself.  I personally was reared episcopalian and I know that my Scots great-great grandfather was a member of the same episcopal cathedral in new orleans that i decided on my own to join as a teenager. ( i have only just recently discovered that he and his british born wife had been members.)

Deborah Sinclair Black Reed

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Hi I am Wendy St.Clair from PA and I enjoy this list tremendously!!  I have
a curious question to throw out there to all my St.Clair/Sinclair
What denomination is everyone?  Am I understanding that the St.Clairs were
Catholic originally?  
I was raised Presbyterian but started attending a Baptist Church three
years ago and LOVE it.  I don't really "classify" myself under a
"denomination", when I am asked i usually say just that, and that I am just
a Bible Believing Christian.

Just Curious!!  Have a terrific Day!!!!!   :) :)
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