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Re: Religion

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>What denomination is everyone?  Am I understanding that the St.Clairs were
>Catholic originally?  

Between about A.D. 400 and the 16th century, almost every Christian
in Europe west of Greece and Russia was Catholic.  The Sinclair
family name originated in the 10th century, so naturally the Sinclairs
were also Catholic.  It's not like there was something unusual about that.

Now it is true that archbishop Malgar St. Clair's great-grandfather
Rollo was originally a pagan viking.  But he was baptised a Catholic (see
) as part of the deal by which he received the Duchy of Normandy
from the King of France, who was of course Catholic.

Several Scottish Sinclairs of the Rosslyn line were Crusaders.
While that was a little unusual, in that only a relatively small
fraction of the population at the time actually went on crusade,
for nobles of the social station of the Sinclairs at the time,
it was probably expected.

As for other denominations, here are some approximate founding dates:

 1381	John Wycliffe condemned as a heretic in England (Lollards)
 1415	John Huss burned at the stake in Bohemia (Hussites)
 1517	Martin Luther founds Lutheran Church in Germany
 1527	First use of name Protestant in England
 1534	Henry VIII founds Church of England
 1534	Ignatius Loyola founds Jesuits
 1536	John Calvin in Geneva
 1545-1563	Council of Trent: Catholic Counter-Reformation
 1559	Puritans arise in England
 1560	John Knox founds Presbyterian Church in Scotland
 1609	John Symth founds Baptist Church in England
 1638	Roger Williams and Baptists in Rhode Island
 1730	John and Charles Wesley found Methodist Church in England
 1736	John and Charles Wesley and Methodists in Georgia

Most Scots became Presbyterians, although many Scots,
especially Highlanders, remained Catholic all along.

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