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Re: "Never heard of Prince Henry Sinclair before?"

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Many people have asked this question, and Neil Sinclair has done a good job
responding to it.  I'll add a few more reasons.


The printing press had not been invented, and 
public relations experts and "spin doctors" of the day 
did not broadcast the spectacular news of the Voyage.  
Unfortunately, soon after Henry returned he 
was slain in an ambush in Orkney.  It is thought 
that his assassination was ordered by the 
Hanseatic League to rid itself of such a powerful 
rival.  To make sure that Prince Henry Sinclair's
trans-Atlantic achievements were not followed 
up, the Hansea arranged to have Sinclair's son, 
also named Henry, arrested at sea while
escorting the Crown Prince of Scotland to 
France for safekeeping.  Henry and the King's  
on were confined for the next fourteen years in 
an English prison.  His other son, William, chose 
to live in regal comfort in his Rosslyn Castle, 
where he designed and constructed the very 
unique Rosslyn Chapel.  It is adorned with stone 
carvings, including corn and cactus, not
here-to-for known in the Old World.  Antonio Zeno 
also died immediately upon his return voyage.  
Only Prince Henry's daughter, Elizabeth is 
credited with passing the story of the epic 
voyage along to her son, John.  He proudly told 
his in-laws, one of whom was the wife of 
Christopher Columbus!  Later, the Zeno Narrative 
was discovered, providing the world with a more 
definitive report of Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage.

Pete Cummings
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