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Re: The St. Clair/Sinclair Name

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>John; This is added wisdom and knowledge to the origins of
>the name. Clair would be french and the place on or near the
>Epte River in Normandy (North of Paris) would indeed appear
>to carry the name of a local saint for eye disease. A
>picture of the original Sinclair castle is in Andrew
>Sinclairs book. That the Saint is Catholic is appreciated.
>Thank you for adding to the appreciation of the name. Neil

Yes, that's where the name comes from.
There are two Sinclair castles in the area, one in the town,
which is basically a couple of turrets in a pasture,
and one across the river on a hill, which is better preserved,
although currently being used as a farm house.
I'll see about scanning the pictures I took there a couple
years ago.  If you're ever in Paris, it's worth going by the town;
it's an easy drive due west of Paris, half way to Rouen.

The church in St. Clair sur l'Epte is also the place where
Rollo the Viking signed the treaty with Louis the Simple of France
that made Rollo Duke of Normandy.

See http://www.mids.org/sinclair/origins.html

This St. Clair is of course not to be confused with Santa Clara
of Franciscan fame and for whom Santa Clara, California is named.


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