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Re: Eldon and North Carolina Connections?

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From: Antonia Sinclair <asflwr@cujo2.icom.ca>
To: sinclair@zilker.net <sinclair@zilker.net>
Date: Friday, May 22, 1998 10:29 AM
Subject: Eldon and North Carolina Connections?

>Hello, all
>If communications have been sluggish, you can blame my server.  I've been
sending lots of letter to zilker, but they didn't get through.  I did get
all of yours, and replied to some.  Now I'll have to try to find and re-send
>In the meantime, last weekend I did some research in Peterborough, Ontario,
>looking for our ancestors in Eldon Township, which is next to Fenelon,
>we thought they settled.  I came across a book by Rae Fleming, called
"Eldon Connections".  In it he states that settlers from Islay, Argyll, to
Eldon Township, came by way of North Carolina, through Virginia, Pens.,
N.Y., to
>Buffalo, around the Lake (Ontario), through Toronto, and then northeast to
>Eldon Township.  This is news to us.  I'm trying to phone him to ask what
his source of information is for that statement.  That would certainly open
up an
>interesting new investigation.
>Do any of you know about this?  Up to now, I never kept record of the
>by people from the south, because I didn't think there was a connection.
>two men (plus families) I'm particularly searching for are :  Archibald (m.
Peggy Kirkland) to Canada in 1833, and his son, Neil (m. Christina or
>Sinclair) to Canada in 1847.  Do these sound familiar to any of you in N.
>Toni S.
>Dear Toni:  Being a descendant of the "Latter-day St Clairs" (landed in New
York from Edinburgh about 1845), and knowing that the bulk of our line are
from Caithness back to at least the late 1600's
I don't have any information to give you on your Argylle line,  unless you
find out along the line that they also were of the Caithness gang.
The way we get around sometimes makes it hard to trace one's family.  Lots
of luck.
Ray Lower., grandson of a Nashville Sinclair.