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RE: 600th Celebration Registration Form

Hi Gary,

The New Hampshire Highland Games are now held from Thursday evening to
Sunday afternoon.  The Sinclair Seminars will be held on Friday, which is
now the first full day of the games.  The most popular day still remains
Saturday, but those who are able to attend on Friday will find less crowds
and still view a lot of activity.  If you want to see a tentative schedule
of each day, you should check out the New Hampshire Highland Games web site

Let me know if you have any other questions, will be happy to help if I can.


	From: 	Gary M.Sinclair[SMTP:sinclair@gis.net]
	Sent: 	Friday, May 01, 1998 6:05 PM
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	Subject: 	Re: 600th Celebration Registration Form

	Mary and others,

	I am confused about the Sinclair seminars at the New Hampshire

	The games are 09-18, 19, and 20 with a military tattoo on 09-17 in
	evening.  Are the Sinclair Seminars being held the day before the
start of
	the Games?

	Please clarify for all,

	Gary Sinclair