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Re: Thompson

I understand I am related to that Harry Sinclair (a "cousin").  Do you have
a Col. Wm. S. Sinclair in your family tree (married Mary VanAlstyne), b.
late 1800's?

Adrian Sinclair Balch

>>> From: K Renee Knoll <KRenee@USWest.net>
>>> To: sinclair@zilker.net
>>> Subject: Tea Pot Dome Scandal
>>> Date: Thursday, April 23, 1998 8:42 AM
>>> Hi,
>>>  I am new to this list and thought I would jump right in and ask.
>>> I am looking for articles that were in the LA paper about Harry F.
>>> Sinclair, Lorena V. Goode and the Tea Pot Dome Scandal.  >>>
>>> K. Renee (Collins) Knoll
>>> Phoenix AZ
>>> KRenee@USWest.net