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Re: Archie Sinclair b abt 1814

This is in response to Ruth McLachlin's inquiry:

In Donald Whyte's book "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before
Confederation" (which has become my reference bible), I have:

SINCLAIR, Catharine,(Katie?) from Argyll.  To Middlesex Co., Ontario, via the Niagara, 1820; settled Lobo Township.  Married 1820 to John McLaughlan

McLaughlin, John, ca 1781-17 Aug., 1861.  From Argyll. to Middlesex Co. Ontario, via the Niagara, 1820; located Lot 9 SE, Conc. 6, Lobo Twp. Pioneer farmer.  married Catherine Sinclair.  Children include Euphemia, born 1822.

The names seem to be right, but the dates don't coincide.  You didn't say where your ancestors settled, but if you and Rick can connect, this is the right area.

Good luck,   Toni Sinclair