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Re: Archie Sinclair b abt 1814

Hi ! Iím on a very similar & possibly associated trail. Let me give you some
of what I have and I would appreciate hearing your detail. If you have a fax #
I would be glad to send you some maps & pictures. 

My great grandfather was a Richard Sinclair; b 1827 married in 1864 to
Christina MacLarty (McLarty?). I have first hand knowledge that he raised his
family about 8 miles north of Glencoe Ontario on a Concession road known as
Walkerís Corners. This area was originally settled and became known as
Kilmartin Settlement. The majority of the pioneers were from a dozen small
villages & parishes within 10 miles north from Lochgilphead Scotland. 

I have a 1991 book published by D.K MacKellar that details names & detail
(lots, etc.) of the 66 families that immigrated there in 1826-1855. Sinclairs,
MacLachlins, Grahams, McLartys abound. The history indicates this group tended
to have immigrated to the USA, moved west to around Caledonia NY (s of
Rochester), then  from the post 1812 war pressures moved further west to
Alderborough County Ontario attracted to Talbot Settlement land grants. Then
they moved north as larger 100 acre lots in the forest were available. The
first family to settle was Archibald Sinclair and his wife Margaret coming in
1826. I think they were in Alderborough as early as 1818.

Their children are a mystery. Only an Alexander and a Sarah are known by Ken
MacKellar. Since she was born in 1822 it makes me believe Archibald was born
as early as 1800 and I believe maybe as early as 1775. In 1838 there were 3
males over 16; so I expect at least one additional brother to Alexamder. My
theory is that my ggrandfather Richardís father was named either Daniel (main
premise) or Peter; who may have been a son or brother to Archibald. By the way
Richardís family was raised about 2 miles from Archibaldís lotís. I have
reviewed the 1871 census and the only Richard Sinclair was located about one-
half way from Archibaldís original settlement and where your Flora & Katie
married their MacLachlins. As a point of interest this is also close to some
MacLarty families. I canít reconcile some birth records I have on Christina
MacLarty and these families. She is possibly a cousin or distant relative. It
is 1872 before her motherís family name ďBeatonĒ shows up in the area.

I would be very pleased to communicate any data I have or could help with. I
donít believe the Archibald you refer to is the first pioneer mentioned due to
the 1814 birthdate. There is a Margaret Graham(1805-1884) mentioned by
MacKellar , sister to Dugald Graham; but no mention of her marriage to anyone.
She did inherit her brothersí farms which are fairly close to Floraís
husbandís and father in laws Archibald McLachlinís .

Look forward to hearing from you 630-539-2106
Rick Sinclair (cdnhound@aol.com)