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Sinclairs, world-wide

To Jeff Inkster:   A few months ago, I replied to a querie on the Sinclair Guestbook,  but I didn't save it, so I'm not sure if you are the same person or
not.  So here are 2 listings from Donald Whyte's "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation"

INKSTER;  JAMES. from Orkney Isle.  To Red River, Manitoba, probably before 1830.   Blacksmith, married Elizabeth, daughter of James Sutherland. Hudson Bay Company.

INKSTER, JOHN.  1799-30 June 1874.  From Orkney Isles, to Ruperts Land, 1819.  Stonemason, with Hudson Bay Co. later farmer and merchant. married 20 Jan, 1826, Mary, daughter of Wm. Sinclair, chief factor, son Colin born 1843, Red River, MLC (member of Legislative Council)

Now for the promised Sinclairs with Irish connections, who came to Ontario, Canada.  (I have to give credit to Wanda Sinclair who provided me with an alphabetical listing of Sinclairs in Ontario.  I re-arranged them by place of origin, or by county settled in.  In no particular order:

George S., born in Armagh, married Eliza, They had 1 child:  Sarah Ann S.  born 20 Oct. 1837 St. Mary, Napanee

George S. b. 1804 in Scotland. d. 29 Mar. 1850. in Toronto.  m. Isabella Duff.
(b. 1801 in Scotland., D. 25 Nov. 1842.)  Ch.: 1. Margaret Ferguson S. born in
Ireland, 1826, died 1854, Toronto;    2. John Duff S. b. 1858  3. George Duff S. b. 1831,   4. christina S., b. 1841, died 1844,    5.Charles S./ born 1842, in Toronto. d. 1846,   6. Alexander Duff S. b. 1 Mar. 1840, died 1840 Toronto

Alexander S.  b. 1 Jan. 1830 in Ireland.  died after 1913,  Married Eliza Cooper Oct. 1872.  They had 1 child:  James S.

William S.  born 1800 in Ireland.  Died 4 Jun 1856, married Mary, b. 1797 in Ireland.  She died 11 May 1879.  7 children 

Neil S. born 1784, married Mary, born 1788. They had 2 children: Adam S. born 1821 in Ireland,    2. Samuel, b. 1824, married Jane, b. 1834 in Ireland

Mary S. born 1799 in Ireland. Died 2 Nov. 1847 in Toronto

James Crozier S.  born 1848 in Armagh, Ireland, died 1933 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Married Rachel Hunter, born in Ireland, 1854.  7 Children born in Canada.

I hope this helps some of you who are looking for Irish Sinclairs.  There are
probably lots more.  

In exchange, I'm still looking for Islay Sinclairs!