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sinclair - south africa

My name is Ian Sinclair Wrench from Cape town South Africa. I have been reading the Sinclair mail over the past few weeks with some interest, and have finally decided to  add a request of my own - to see whether anyone has genealogy linking into mine.
Information I have is :
Ethel Amelia Sinclair (my grandmother) born 22 Aug 1887 in Seacombe Chesire, N Ireland, married 18 Feb 1915 In Cape Town South Africa, Died 1 Sept 1922 Bloemfontein South Africa.
Ethel's parents are  Andrew Sinclair, born 9 Apr 1852 in Dunrosssness, SI, Scotland, married 11 Aug 1883 in Liverpool, Lancs, England to Amelia Turnpenny 9born 10 Feb 1838 in Birmingham england)
Andrew's parents are William Sinclair, born June 1802 in Dunrossness, SI, Scotland, married 8 Dec 1829 (died 26 Nov 1881 - still in Dunrossness.) William married Jean or Jane Arcus ( born 3 Aug 1804, died 7 Nov 1890 - also in Dunrossness)
Williams parents are Alaxander Sinclair, born about 1767 and married Jean Gilbertson or Gilberts in Dunrossness on 28 Dec 1790.
If anybody can identify with any of these peoples I would love to hear from you.
Thanks and regards,