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Re: Sinclair's of Prince Edward Island

Dear George;
We owe a debt to Mr. Quartermain for his service in
connecting people and families. The world is indeed getting
smaller. We are connected and are cousins, and I am pleased
to report that having come from visiting our relations two
weeks ago in Prince Edward Island you will be happy to hear
they are doing well and prospering. While we are currently
working on all the links with them there are some points of
interest for all on the web-lonk to know. The emmigration of
Sinclairs to Prince Edward Islad was comprised from a family
based in Argyll Scotland so that the Argyll comments and
communications relate to your wifes direct ancestors. These
have been traced through North America with a few lost septs
to discover. The migration to PEI occured between 1770 and
1840. For those linking to PEI there was a smaller family
that arrived from Ireland in the early 1900's. Most of the
Sinclair and Gordons on Prince Edward Island are however
If individuals want information on the PEI Sinclair trubes
we are more than pleased to help. Going back further in
History Karen, Toni and I are working on the Argyll
connections and links.

So cousin I will connect with you directly with a bow and
accolade to John Sinclair Quartermain.

Neil Sinclair
Descendant of Glendaruel
Argyll Scotland and PEI
now Toronto Canada.

George Pearson wrote:

> My wife's first name is Sinclair.  She was named after her
> great grandmother, Emma Sinclair Quimby.  I have some
> information about the Sinclair side of the family,
> starting with what must be the most famous Sinclair that
> was being claimed, but I can't tie the families together.
> Emma Sinclair Quimby is supposed to be related to John E.
> Sinclair of Prince Edward Island, but the relationship
> must be through some uncle that I don't have a record of.
> John E. Sinclair was born in 1879 and died 23 Dec 1949.
> He was active in P.E.I. politics, first elected in 1917 to
> the House of Commons and re-elected in 1921.  In 1930 he
> became a senator for P.E.I.  He had married Rebecca
> Harding in 1906 and had three children: Margaret Jean
> (Mrs. A.B. Cutcliffe), Rebecca Earith (Mrs. I.W.
> His parents were Peter (b. 1819 d. 1906) and Margaret
> MacMurdo Sinclair.  He was the oldest of eight children.
> His brothers and sisters were:  Peter, Norris, Winnifred
> M., Adeline (Mrs. Major Lowther), Archibald M., Mary (Mrs.
> Harry Saul) and Amy (Mrs. Rev. Alexander MacKay).  His
> grandmother was Mary Crawford and he apparently had an
> uncle John Sinclair.
> Thanks in advance for any additional information.
> George Pearson