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I am searching for a long lost person, Brenda Sinclair.
She used to live in Montreal where she gave birth to a son on April
1st 1977, his name is William Sinclair.  Then she married Chris
Shipton  and  her son took on his last name, becomming William
Shipton. They then moved to Lancaster Ontario area and further
ventured to Vancouver area, British Columbia, where she was remarried.
(her last name now is not Sinclair, we are not sure what it is.)  I
know that she has a niece named Dahlia who is 1-2 years younger than
her son, and she (Dahlia) I believe lives in Montreal area still.
If anyone has any information on her whereabouts or her last name, or
any related family members, please contact me immediately, it is vital
that we locate her as soon as possible. Thank-you ahead of
time.....Long live SINCLAIR clan!!!!!!

Long lost best friend of Brenda Sinclair,

Jessica & Merriam Cote
OAkville, Ontario

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       "This is the strangest life I've ever known."
                  Jim Morrison

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