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Re: Sinclairs in Ireland

> Dear Barry,
> I have a great interest in any Sinclair history in Northern Ireland.  My
> family came from Bushmills, Co Antrim.  They seem to have appeared
> and there is no indication that any sinclairs lived in this area in the
> 1830's.  Where did they come from?  Please reply.  I'll send you all the
> information I have on the family and on others who lived in NIR.  Thanks
> replying.

My mothers Sinclair line came to Australia from County Galway in 1841. This
surprised me when I found it out because I had always assumed that they
were Scottish with a name like that. I don't know much about their
ancestors in Ireland itself except that they were alive in 1841.

I was over there last year and when I looked through a few telephone books,
I noted that there are very few Sinclairs listed . 

I am curious about the history of Sinclairs coming to Ireland - whether
they have been there for a very long time or more recent


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